1 Measurement



You will be able to determine the number of significant figures from measurements and calculations.

You will also be able to make accurate measurements with laboratory equipment, including electronic balances and graduated cylinders.

You should be able to explain the differences between quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Academic Standards

(from Carmel HS Chemistry I Curriculum Guide)

Select and manipulate appropriate instrumentation for making quantitative measurements and express the measurements using significant figures and scientific notation.

Develop skills in using common laboratory equipment and perform laboratory techniques with care and safety.

Based on experimental data, distinguish between qualitative and quantitative observations.


  1. Classroom Policies and Laboratory Safety

  2. Nature of Science
    • Nature of Science Notes
    • Qualitative/Quantitative Lab

  3. Scientific Notation and Significant Figures
    • Measurement Notes
    • Sci. Not. and Sig. Figs. Worksheet

  4. Math with Significant Figures
    • Significant Arithmetic
    • Beaker/Flask Accuracy Lab

  5. Dimensional Analysis

  6. Review

  7. Exam

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