3 The Atom



  • Understand the definition of atomic mass and atomic number.
  • Differentiate between the location, charge, and mass for an electron, proton, and neutron.
  • Define an ion and determine the protons and electrons present in specific ions.
  • Define isotope and determine the protons, electrons, and neutrons present in an isotope.
  • Determine average atomic mass of an element based on isotopic data.

Academic Standards

C.1.32 Describe the possible subatomic particles within an atom or ion.
  • Identify the location, charge, and mass of protons, neutrons, and electrons.
  • Calculate the number of protons, neutrons and electrons for isotopes.
  • Calculate the average atomic mass from isotopic data.
C.2.3  Explain that John Dalton's modernization of the ancient Greek ideas of element, atom, compound, and molecule strengthened the new chemistry by providing physical explanations for reactions that could be expressed in quantitative terms.

C.2.6  Explain that the application of the laws of quantum mechanics to chemistry by Linus Pauling and others made possible an understanding of chemical reactions on the atomic level.


  1. History of Atomic Theory
  2. Quiz 1:  Matter and Atomic Theory

  3. Atomic Mass and Isotopes
  4. ISTEP
    • Great Discoveries: Chemistry video (hosted by Bill Nye)
    • Element Puns extra credit

  5. Quiz 2:  Atomic Mass and Isotopes

*Note:  Due to the break caused by ISTEP testing, we will do two small quizzes for the chapters on Matter and Atomic Theory instead of one larger test.

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