4 The Nucleus



  • Understand that the nucleus of a radioactive isotope may decay and emit particles and/or electromagnetic radiation.
  • Calculate the half-life of a radioactive substance.
  • Write nuclear reactions when given the required information.
  • Describe that the energy released per gram of material is much larger in nuclear reactions than in chemical reactions.

Academic Standards

C.1.24  Recognize and describe nuclear changes.  Write balanced nuclear equations when given the necessary information.

C.1.32  Describe the possible subatomic particles within an atom or ion.

C.1.41  Describe the role of light, heat, and electrical energies in physical, chemical, and nuclear changes.

C.1.42  Describe that the energy release per gram of material is much larger in nuclear fusion or fission reactions than in chemical reactions. The change in mass (calculated by E=mc2) is small but significant in nuclear reactions.

C.1.43  Calculate the amount of radioactive substance remaining after an integral number of half-lives have passed.


  1. Nuclear Properties and Changes
  2. Nuclear Reactions
    • Balancing Nuclear Reactions
    • Transmutation
    • Fission/Fusion of Atomic Nuclei

  3. Applications and Effects of Radiation and Nuclear Reactions
    • Nuclear Weapons
    • Nuclear Power
    • Background Radiation
    • Medical Applications

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